Harbor freight puller coupon

I"ve pulled dozens of T-posts with it, and it has always worked great. It"s one of the most useful handtools I ever bought!!!

HF tool pass/fail

I have one- pulled a lot of posts, worked good nothing broke or bent as with some of their tools. Chances are it is the same tpost puller TSC sells.. Harbor Freight just recently opened a new store near here. Because of price and loss leaders, I stocked up on some tools I've needed to replace. Several gravity flow paint guns, an air file, an air drill, impact wrench, angle grinder, etc. So far, all have met or exceeded my expectations.

On the flip side, their sanding discs aren't all that great and are priced just as high as better ones, their cut-off wheels wear out too fast, but all in all, I've been satisfied with the place. Like in any retail establishment, you have to know your merchandize and know what the item you're looking at is priced at elsewhere. BTW, I made my own T post puller, but I can't see where there's that much that can go wrong with a store bought one.

Sounds good to me then. I guess if it ain't sturdy enough I can weld it up better or even copy the design to make one to pull the most stubborn T post. I have had a HF post puller and a horse fence stretcher for years. Both of them have been great. I can't say the same for some other tools I have bought at Harbor Freight.

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Both of these items a pretty well made. Dad and I have been using one of them from Harbor Freight for years.

Not a lick of trouble with it. Thing of it is that it's so simple of a design if something does give on it you should be able to repair it very easily. Saves a lot of labor and bent posts.