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What do you expect, really?

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I doubt I will ever see the shirts. I hate this company and will advise everyone I know to never order from them. Polyester is uncomfortable on bare skin and it smells like a urine soaked bum after a day of skating. It took 3 weeks to g met three tees. When we finally did get them, the three were shoved into a one shirt shipment bag so when I tried to open the bag, I accidentally cut a shirt.

So even though 6DollarTees over stuffed their bag, and I was cutting very slowly and carefully, a discreet, thin piece of sleeve managed to get cut because it was too thin to even know it was wear I was cutting? It was an accident and if the bag is going to be shoved full, I think I should have gotten a replacement for whatever was going through their mind when they over packed the bag. Oh yeah and processing and shipping was only supposed to take a week. No replacement for me, I guess. You can get these same designs somewhere else with a better attitude towards the customers they live off of.

I ordered a shirt 25 days ago hoping to have it as a little birthday gift for someone a couple weeks later. I finally contacted customer service through their chat feature and gave them my id number and asked if they knew what was going on and when it might be printed and shipped. That was a straight lie, because not only did Paypal process my order and take my money in 2 days, but the company itself also sent me an email saying that my order had been processed and sent me the invoice around the same time.

Customer service told me now that I was calling them out on slow shipping- go figure that my order could suddenly be printed and shipped right about now and that I should get an email with a tracking number pretty soon. Hopefully it gets shipped soon. I ordered 12 shirts from them. Awesome company. Thanks for the printing coupon , too. Called and emailed still no reply.

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Had to call my credit card co and start action. Also called NM Attorney General. Company is now under investigation for fraud.

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Search for:. Click here to view their new shirts Any 6 Dollar Shirts Coupons? February 24, at pm. March 13, at am. March 18, at am. June 15, at pm. June 15, at am.

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June 24, at pm. August 17, at pm. October 8, at am. Very poor quality.

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October 14, at pm. October 15, at am. November 12, at am. December 16, at pm. December 18, at am. May 19, at pm. I purchased from this company. Very polite and professional. I couldnt be happier. One had a problem with the colour and the other somehow I ordered in the wrong size my error They sent two new shirts and did not ask for the others back or for photos. May 21, at pm. June 13, at am. July 3, at pm. July 14, at pm. August 4, at am. September 22, at pm. November 19, at pm.

March 5, at pm. March 6, at pm. July 23, at am. August 8, at am. Does anyone else suspect that the shirts are not actually silk-screened, but Iron-ons? August 25, at am. October 19, at pm. December 7, at pm. January 7, at pm. January 10, at pm. January 11, at pm. January 17, at pm. February 3, at am. February 8, at am. February 23, at am. March 12, at pm. July 11, at am. July 18, at pm. July 19, at pm. August 9, at am. August 9, at pm. September 4, at pm. September 27, at pm.

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October 23, at pm. October 31, at pm. November 13, at pm.